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We Install and Replace Tile Roofing in the Tampa Bay Area

In Florida you need the right roofing to protect your home from torrential rains, tropical storms and hurricanes. At Spangler Roofing, we offer tile roofing and tile roof repair to give your property long lasting protection against the elements.

Discover the advantages of tile

Tile has a reputation for its reliability, beauty, and low-maintenance costs. Find out what clay or concrete tile roofing can do for your Florida home. 


Tile naturally sheds water and provides ventilation in warm or cold climates. Because of tile’s durability and sturdy design, it can winthstand winds of 150 mph. Trust Spangler Roofing to install your new tile roof and protect your home for years to come. 


Concrete roof tiles come in almost every color, while clay tiles derive their natural hue from the mixture of the clay. Both look beautiful and endure adverse weather conditions. Choose from round, flat, or custom made tiles to match any architecture. 

Low Maintenance

When you install a tile roof, you’ll only need minimal maintence on things such as protrusion flashings, gutters or venting unlike other roofing systems. Limited maintenance means more value for your money. 

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